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I respect those who respect me and forget those who forget me. 


… to my page, dedicated solely to my The Sims 4 gameplay, where we follow my favorite Sims family, the Camerons, and their descendants through the ages.

My gameplay is not a challenge (legacy or otherwise), just generational (hence the page motto “through the generations”).

You will also look in vain for the lighthearted, silly cartoon style SimLit. Despite of humor sprinkled in with fair frequency, at its core my story is more serious, dark and deep, more drama than comedy, and often requires reading a little between the lines, like chapters to a real book. Do not jump to conclusions after reading my chapters. There are many arcs and twists ahead.

At the beginning of April 2021 I decided to switch to mostly text-based with just some supporting imagery, so depending on where you join this ride, you may notice a change. Writing comes easy and I can do it almost anywhere, and while I LOVE taking realistic posed pictures of my beloved Simmies, having to pose a lot of Sims for loads of quality images, which then need editing takes time, which I just sometimes do not have.

The legacy of my Camerons originated in Sims 3 in 2013, I started them over when Sims 4 came around in 2014 and sadly, once again in early 2020 after a large update affected several older saves, mine included as it was 6 years old and many generations in at that point, rendering the current save and all 100+ backups that were stored externally, corrupted. Along with the game my storyline rebooted as well, as it just made no sense otherwise.

The main reason I ever started writing this was to document the imaginary lives of each of my beloved Sims, originally only for myself, but after sharing it with some other Simmers I was told it was captivating and should be published, so eventually I did.
I have always been a writer at heart, had never heard of SimLit before I started this and it just evolved into what it is now.

It is intended for a mature audience, there will be instances of cursing, sensitive subjects and NSFW moments, all of it mostly implied.

No smut here, but if you are the puritan type, you will probably not enjoy this much.

Still interested? Why not start at the beginning? Here is the sequential Full Chapter List

Just a few points about my gameplay, my own rules, which all seem to differ from how most Simmers do things:

  • I play on extended long lifespans, meaning the average lifespan for most Sims at daily gameplay is about 6 real life months.
  • I never alter genetics. I made the legacy founders, they were the only ones I created. All offspring is 100% game and highly fine-tuned settings in my mod genetics. When lineage members age up I add Alpha hair and clothing/accessory options that match closely to what the game assigned, unless it was just too ridiculous. Same goes for NPCs, except with them I contain my changes to CC-free options.
    I do, however, on rare occasions create a batch of new NPC households, CC-free. Single Sims, couples, families. This is to keep the bloodlines fresh in game, since I have mods handling NPC story progression and attractive NPCs make attractive NPC generations, rather then the scary townies we all love to hate. I do not force any of my Sims to meet any of those NPCs. It may happen organically at some point, or not.
  • I never force or alter relationships, pregnancies (number or type of offspring or end them), deaths, etc. If this happens in game, it happens in the story. If a form of death is too silly, it becomes an accident or some other medical condition.
    Via a mod I do have Try For Baby turned off, all my Woohoo is risky at a low percentage, and all my Sims are equipped with birth control. That has a low failure rate, enter what has been coined as the “Cameron Curse”, meaning unplanned pregnancies, usually at the worst possible time.
  • I use a few select mods which decide certain things, such as break-ups, the attraction system, etc. Along with building relationships, utilizing traits and the sentiment system I figure out who each Sim is and becomes. If I think two Sims would be lovely together, but they’re not ‘feeling it’, then it’s not happening.
  • I do not script my story, the other way around is true, whatever happens in game goes into the storyline, I do take some artistic liberties making certain things sound more realistic, sometimes that creates a sort of a story arc, which I follow out in game, but it’s rare. In other words, all you read here is 100% authentic gameplay, my game doesn’t stop and start with each chapter, I play and sometimes things happen that go into the storyline. Occasionally too much happens and it becomes a sort of recap chapter, sometimes things stay quiet for a while, which means for me to have scheduled publish days is not feasible.
  • I strive for realism, that being said, I do allow vampires in my gameplay. I always found those creatures highly interesting, since I was a girl I read everything out there on vampire mythology, so I allowed them, but made up firm rules for them to seem legit and possible. My vampires differ vastly for most other Sim vampires, and that is 100% intentional. At the core they are serious and dark, but not unreasonable killing machines, rather somewhere between refined and raw, depending on age.
  • Each household exists in my game exactly as described in the storyline, and I rotate through all of them. Yes, my active households usually range somewhere between 50-100+ Sims and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
  • All builds, things you see in the background and Sims you ever spot in my images exist 100% in game. I do not use PhotoShop or backdrops at all.
    I do share cc-free community lots and non-legacy (NPC) homes on the Gallery. OID is CameronLineage. The more elaborate legacy homes and certain community lots usually have CC and I don’t even try to sort all that out.

There is an always up-to-date interactive family tree linked in the menu above, in case you got curious or are confused about some family relations.

So, as always,


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