Dear Followers

Over the past months I have noticed a decline in genuine interest in this storyline, reactions have become rare and seem always based around the last part of the chapters, telling me I wasted everyone’s time writing most of it, if people only skim through it or only retain the end.
I am aware that the heyday of SimLit is long over, which is one reason you see so many once popular SimLit blogs slowly fade away.

I take great pride in what I put out, it’s a tedious, time-consuming process, taking away from my game time and if it is mostly in vain, it becomes redundant. SimLit isn’t something to post for your own pleasure, the only reason anyone shares publicly is to generate genuine involvement and investment by others. The way I tell this story makes it impossible to post less often, I don’t have a separate save, my storyline follows my actual gameplay, with a lot of households. The customary “one heir” approach just isn’t for me, shortening chapters didn’t change a thing, so I realize this is my cue to bow out.

For now, I am going to leave my options open, not ready to say that I will or won’t retire this blog, if I continue, it will be a very different format, but first I am taking an open-ended break, which may likely become permanent.

However, my storyline won’t end, I am merely redirecting the focus to the CameronLineage Facebook page, where I will post frequent, smaller scale, hence more palatable updates/mini-storylines of all my beloved households with the kind of quality pictures you are used to.

If you love my Camerons follow us there.

At the moment I am remodeling/rebuilding all community lots in game, with frequent interruptions to actually play the game, both of which I enjoy a lot.

I am mentioning my remodeling efforts to lead up to another long-time point of frustration.

Yesterday I have removed all my 180+ Gallery uploads for good, as I am tired of dealing with various forms of backlash from what was intended as a courtesy.

At 15,484 downloads with 85 followers this was worth mentioning.

I am not a builder, nor do I want to be. My focus has and will always be on gameplay and storytelling, there are many actual builders out there who never play, just build fancy lots day in, day out. I am not like that. I build lots simply because I needed them and like places my Sims go to look nice and realistic, I have a strong dislike for clutter and overuse of cheats like MOO, as those are known for their strong potential to cause issues (LEs, routing, loss of functionality). I like a smooth and error-free gameplay, which is the reason I build my own lots, rather than risk downloading lots that may cause issues.
While I enjoy building for personal use, I prefer the more realistic appearance of overrides/default replacements and CC. With very few exceptions I simply do not like the CC-free vanilla cartoony look.
However, over the past years, especially when I was active in Sim groups and posted my content there, other Simmers often commented on wanting to download builds and pets they saw in my images, so I shared CC-free versions of community lots, non-legacy Sims, as well as remodeled/rebuilt-from-scratch Townie homes from my own game as a courtesy, and in several cases I even was approached with requests to create lots/Sims for other Simmers.

As the story often goes, no good deed goes unpunished, what was intended as a courtesy came back to bite me in the rear for SO many different reasons and so many times over that I decided to pull the plug for good.

Listing all the reasons would take forever, it ranged from Simmers re-uploading my creations as theirs, others complaining about my OLD (!) builds (one of EA’s updates requires you to replace stairs in older builds), some Simmers cannot acknowledge that sometimes when you download from the Gallery there is a known glitch that terrain paints or some clutter gets lost and many more of such things. All my uploads were only ever intended as basis to personalize to your needs, which is the whole point of this game, and I thought that was understood. Evidently not.

By clearing my Gallery I believe I am clearing that repetitive point of inflammatory situation from my life and by remodeling/rebuilding most of those lots that are in my own game, I hope to eventually remove the last bit of the reminders of such unkind/rude behavior in the Simming community, while having learned my lessons for the future.

Thanks for your interest.

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