Blaine Cameron

The male founder of the Cameron lineage

Blaine Cameron Biography

Musician & Music Producer, label #BlainsterBeatz

Blaine’s Biography

Born to abusive, addict parents his true heritage is largely unknown as his mother often funded her and her common-law husband’s addictions with prostitution and nobody ever bothered with DNA testing.

From early childhood on Blaine was mostly raised and cared for by his then best friend Viktoria and her mother, a widow, far from wealthy, but kind, after Viktoria had broken up a fight he had gotten into – again – when she was 6 and he was 7 years old, then taken him home to clean him up and feed him, probably instinctively realized he needed help badly.

He unofficially lived with them and spent most of his time with Viktoria, who generously overlooked his many flaws and often abrasive behavior. Until hormones hit. Both fell for each other but kept that fact secret until Blaine just disappeared soon after his 18th birthday, leaving just a note asking not to look for him and that this was for the better. He knew his unbridled protectiveness and barely controllable rage fueled by any boy who even remotely showed interest in his best friend and secret crush was holding them both down.

Some years later they would meet again, by chance, Viktoria had already graduated college and still seemed to struggle with finding love and happiness, so this time Blaine took her up on her offer to stay with him and just never left again, but eventually convinced her to perform with him at the Skyline Club, a live music bar near their apartment in San Myshuno, where Blaine worked nights as a barkeep.

Eventually they became the couple they both wanted to be, and embarked together on an often rocky road to not only make ends meet but also for Blaine to find fame. That lead to him getting into a plane crash during a video shoot, and with Blaine presumed dead.
Eventually he made his way back home to her, married her, and tried to chase fame without greedy producers and managers, but an accidental pregnancy changed Blaine’s plans to make it big in Del Sol Valley to wanting to grant his unborn child the childhood his own parents had denied him.

They bought Viktoria’s old childhood home on the outskirts of Windenburg, remodeling as they could afford it. This home would see many more remodels throughout the years and generations, always remaining in Cameron possession.

Slowly he build a home studio, wrote, released and produced his own and other artists music successfully, gaining the sort of legend status he had always dreamed of, albeit differently than he had imagined.

They got married, settled in Windenburg and eventually raised two children, Anastasia and Brendan, who combined would give them 6 grandchildren (Ana had two sets of twins with two different fathers). While neither of his children followed in his footsteps, one of his grandsons had inherited his musical gene and was his biggest fan, best friend and scholar, from the tender age of 14 Blaine taught him everything he knew, and got to watch him make it to the level of popularity and stardom Blaine had always tried to attain.

Blaine remained happily married to Viktoria and always by her side until their death just hours apart. He was 88 years old.

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